GCSE Computer Science Key words I-M

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IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
A piece of software to help a programmer develop programs.
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IF statement
Type of logic selection statement.
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IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
A protocol used to retrieve emails from a sewer.
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Incremental backup
A record of all the changes since the last incremental backup.
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Spaces put at the beginning of lines of code to help show a program’s structure.
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Input sanitition
Removing unwanted characters from an input.
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Input validation
Checking that an input meets certain criteria.
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A type of sorting algorithm.
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Insider attack
A network attack where someone within an organisation exploits their network access to steal information.
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Integer (data type)
A numerical data type for whole numbers.
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Intellectual property
An original piece of work (or an idea) that someone has created and belongs to them.
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The biggest WAN in the world, based around the TCP/IP protocol.
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Internet Protocol (IP)
The protocol responsible for packet switching.
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A translator that turns the source code into machine code and runs it one instruction at a time.
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IP address
A unique identifier given to a device when it accesses an IP network.
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Iteration statement
A statement which makes the program repeat a set of instructions.
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Iterative testing
Repeated testing done during the development of a program.
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1000 bytes.
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LAN (Local Area Network)
A network which only covers a single site.
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Lawful interception
Checking data on a network for cyber security purposes.
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Layers (network)
Groups of protocols that have similar functions.
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Legal issue
An issue relating to what’s right and wrong in the eyes of the law.
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Linear search
A searching algorithm.
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A programming tool which can combine different compiled codes.
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An open source operating system.
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Local variable
A variable that is only defined and usable within certain parts of a program.
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Logic circuit
An electronic circuit for performing logic operations on binary data. It may have more than one logic gate and more than two inputs.
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Logic error
When a program runs but does something that was not intended.
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Logic gate
An electronic circuit component that performs a Boolean operation leg. AND, OR or NOT).
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loop (programming)
A set of instructions that the program repeats until a condition is met or count is reached.
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Lossless compression
Temporarily removing data from a file to decrease the file size.
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Lossy compression
Permanently removing data from the file to decrease the file size.
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Low-level language
A programming language that is close to what a CPU would actually do and is written for specific hardware (i.e. CPU type). Eg. machine code and assembly languages.
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MAC address
A unique identifier assigned to a device that cannot be changed.
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Machine code
The lowest-level programming language consisting of 05 and is. CPUs can directly process it as a string of CPU instructions.
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Magnetic storage
Hard disk drives and magnetic tapes that hold data as magnetised patterns.
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Mainframe (or supercomputer)
An extremely powerful (and expensive and reliable) computer for specialist applications.
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A characteristic of defensive design that helps programmers modify and repair programs.
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Malicious software created to damage or gain illegal access to computer systems.
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1000 kilobytes.
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Hardware used to store data that a CPU needs access to.
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Memory address register (MAR)
A CPU register that holds memory addresses (locations) for data and instructions that the CPU needs.
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Memory data register (MDR)
A CPU register that holds data and instructions.
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Merge sort
A type of sorting algorithm.
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Mesh topology
A network topology where every device is directly or indirectly connected to every other without a central switch or server.
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Extra data stored in a file which gives information about the file’s properties.
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The main circuit board in a computer that other hardware connects to.
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When an operating system runs multiple programs and applications at the same time.
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When an operating system allows multiple users at the same time.
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Type of logic selection statement.


IF statement

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A protocol used to retrieve emails from a sewer.


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A record of all the changes since the last incremental backup.


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Spaces put at the beginning of lines of code to help show a program’s structure.


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