This resource doesn't cover one specific topic or the whole of C2. I have made flash cards (not electronically) and when filtering through them I have made this quiz to help me remember all the flash cards I didn't know. Please don't take this as a staple revision source - this only has a few random pieces from different topic areas.

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1. Which forces are strong in covalent bonds and which are weak?

  • Strong forces between the atoms, weak forces between the elements
  • Strong forces between the atoms of the molecules, weak forces between the molecules
  • Strong forces between the elements, weak forces between the atoms
  • Strong forces between the molecules, weak forces between the atoms
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2. Colour of halide ions

  • Colourless
  • Green
  • Pale blue
  • Pale yellow

3. What state (s,l,g,aq) and colour is FLUORINE at room temp?

  • gas, pale yellow
  • gas, pale blue
  • liquid, brown
  • solid, grey

4. Why are metals able to conduct electricity?

  • Because they're soluble in water
  • Because the delocalised electrons can move when a voltage is applied
  • Because the neutrons are delocalised and can move when a voltage is applied
  • Because the protons are able to move

5. How do scientists use chromatography to identify colourless substances like amino acids and sugars>

  • Setting it on fire with a bunsen burner
  • Spraying the paper with a locating reagent which reacts with the invisible spots to produce a colour
  • Spraying the paper with universal indicator so the colourless substances change colour
  • Filtering it and seeing which colours are left


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