Galapagos Islands

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What are examples of the unique species on the Galapagos Islands?
Giant tortoise, land iguana, marine iguana, blue-footed booby, waved albatross, frigate bird, Darwin's finches.
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What are a threat to land iguanas?
Feral cats, dogs, rats and pigs.
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What is having success regarding this?
Control of feral animals, captive breeding and reintroduction.
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Describe marine iguanas
Hybrid are infertile. Their dark skin helps absorb heat and raise temperature.
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Describe male blue-footed boobys
The males are smaller and can hunt in shallower water.
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What do waved albatross feed on and what do they have?
Feed on fish, squid and crustacean. Have a very large wing span.
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What are the pouches of frigate birds used to do?
Used to attract females in the breeding season.
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How do frigate birds catch their prey?
By scooping it from the water or by stealing it from other seabirds.
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What are Darwin's finches different beak sizes used for?
Large beaks used for cracking large seeds and small beaks are used for tackling insects.
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What are the main threats to populations?
Habitat loss used for agriculture, housing and tourists. More pollution, resource exploitation and introduction of non-native species.
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What was created to prevent resource exploitation?
Marine nature reserve created. Much of which designated as no take zones.
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What animals were introduced?
Feral goat compete with the native tortoise. Cats, dogs and rats hunt and feed on lava lizard, young iguanas and birds. Feral pigs damage and trample vegetation. Eat tortoise eggs and young.
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What is the effect of goats?
Competes with native tortoise for grazing, trampling and feeding on the tortoise's food supply. Leads to soil erosion.
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What do cats do?
Cats hunt lava lizard and young iguanas.
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What has the response been like to the threats?
Cull feral animals. Quarantine and search boats and tourists for non-native species. Extra protection such as marine nature reserves.
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What are a threat to land iguanas?


Feral cats, dogs, rats and pigs.

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What is having success regarding this?


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Describe marine iguanas


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