Functions of the family

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Function Pre-requisites
The basic needs for society in order to function e.g. need for social order
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common agreement of shared values
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beneficial, fulfilling a purpose
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Having children
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Sexual division of labour
The distribution of childcare and housework tasks according to gender
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A system which men have more power than women and shape how societies run
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Enconomic function
The role of the family plays in providing food,shelter and the ability to consume products for its members
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Educational function
The role of the family in providing a stable enviorment in which children can be socialized into the cultures of their society.
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Reproductive function
The function of the family in ensuring children are reproduced to enable the survival of society
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Sexual function
The function of the family in controlling sexual behaviour through monogamy.
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Primary socialisation
The first stage of process through which children learn the culture of their society. This takes place in the family.
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Stabilisation of adult personality
Function to relieve stresses of modern day living for its adult members.
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Means of production
Things required to produce goods such as lands
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Economic based institution
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Non-economic based instuitions e.g. family
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Mode of production
A system of producing things which dominate society e.g. capatalism
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Ideological state apparatus
A part of society which encourages people to accept the values favoured by the ruling class, which maintains capatalism
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Domestic labour
Work done within the home such as housework
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Really useful quiz on family functions, thanks for posting!

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