functionalist view of crime

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1. an alternative, illegal way of life that certain groups in society have access to: term used by Cloward and Ohlin

  • legitimate opportunity structure
  • focal concerns
  • gang
  • status frustration
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2. a distinctive set of values that provides an alternative to those of the mainstream culture

  • subculture
  • gang
  • subterranean values
  • subcultural theories

3. feeling of belonging to a larger entity e.g a society

  • anomie
  • social cohesion
  • focal concerns
  • subclture

4. who crises Merton's view

  • Taylor
  • Young
  • Willis

5. a set of devaint values that exist alongside the socially approved values but are usually kept hidden or remain under control

  • subterranean values
  • delinquency
  • illegitimate opportunity structure
  • strain


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