functionalist view of crime

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1. ... who accpt the culturally defined goal of financial success as well as the institutional means society defines appropriate to reach that goal ..... follow rules and believe doing so will pay off financially

  • conformists
  • innovators
  • ritualists
  • rebels
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2. Who said crime was an integral part of all healthy societies

  • Cicourel
  • Durkheim
  • Merton

3. Matza dissagress with the idea that people commit crime due to factors beyond their control

  • true
  • false

4. ........are people who reject the goal of financial wealth as well as the means society deems to get rich

  • retreatists
  • rebels
  • ritualists
  • innovators

5. who crises Merton's view

  • Willis
  • Taylor
  • Young


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