functionalist view of crime

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1. ..... are those individuals who do not believe they can attain the culturally defined goal of accumulating financial waelth but continiue to do so though socites acceptabel cultural pathways

  • innovators
  • ritualists
  • rebels
  • retreatists
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2. justification for our deviant or criminal actions

  • focal concerns
  • techniques of neutralisation
  • social cohesion
  • anomie

3. Who said crime was an integral part of all healthy societies

  • Durkheim
  • Merton
  • Cicourel

4. term applied to a wide variety of youth groups that regularly engage in offending

  • status frustration
  • subculture
  • gang
  • delinquency

5. term used by miller to describe key values

  • subterranean values
  • focal concerns
  • social cohesion
  • anomie


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