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2. What sociologist created Strain Theory?

  • Becker
  • Durkheim
  • Merton
  • Parsons
  • Cohen

3. What does the term Anomie mean?

  • A sense of normlessness
  • unfairness in society
  • a strong sense of values and norms
  • a society based on crime

4. What are these subcultures?

  • Conformity, Innovation, Rebellion
  • Criminal, Conflict, Retreatism
  • Conformity, Conflict Retreatism
  • Criminal, Conflict, Rebellion

5. What Structual factor creates deviance in society according to Strain Theory?

  • The unequal opportunity structure
  • The strain between the working-class and the powerful
  • unfair education system
  • A society based on materialistic values


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