Functionalist Explanations - Crime & Deviance

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1. What were Durkheim's four positive aspects of crime?

  • Attachment, Commitment, Involvement, Belief
  • Re-affirming the boundaries, Changing values, Social cohesion, Safety valve
  • Changing the boundaries, Keeping the same values, Social cohesion, Safety valve
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2. What is the negetive side of crime (Durkheim)?

  • It only benefits the rich in society
  • Too much crime leads to social disruption, anomie
  • Helps society change and remain dynamic, builds collective conscience

3. What is changning values?

  • Any sympathy that crime attracts can prove social change in values and lead to changes in the law
  • The media that crime atttracts publicly re-affirms the values of society
  • Deviant acts can release pressure (eg prostitution releases men's pressure without threatneing the family as an insitution)

4. What is an extra positive function of crime in society?

  • It provides employment in society - lawyers, police, etc
  • It re-affirms the boundaries of what's acceptable in society
  • Allows changing values to appear and influence the law

5. How are these bonds taught?

  • Through socialisation
  • By agents of formal socail control
  • By By secondary socialisation only


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