Functionalism: Philosophy Of The Mind

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1. Which Room does Searle use to criticise Functionalist beliefs regarding intentionality?

  • The Room Of Functions
  • The Room Of Intention
  • The Chinese Room
  • The Japanese Room
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2. Absent Qualia is.....

  • We can clearly and distinctly conceive of any functional system without qualia
  • We cannot clearly and distinctly conceive of any functional without qualia
  • Nothing even related to Functionalism

3. Functionalism states mental states are what?

  • Both internal and external
  • Semantics
  • Internal
  • External

4. Inverted Qualia is....

  • How things appear to you are correct, you only need to realise what you see. Nothing else matters
  • How things appear to everyone is the same
  • How things appear to you may be different from how they appear to someone else, eg Zombies
  • No one act is the same

5. Functionalist is a physicalist theory. True or False?

  • True
  • False


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