Functionalism: Philosophy Of The Mind

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1. Functionalism basically belives that....

  • The mind and the body exist in seperate realms
  • C-fibres firing in me is the same as S-fibres firing in a snail
  • The mind and the body need to stop all interaction
  • S-fibres firing in a snail is different from everything
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2. A causal role is what?

  • Where one acts in pain to produce the question of Inverted Qualia
  • Basically, syntax
  • Caused by the inputs to produce the output
  • Caused by the outputs to relate back to the input

3. Functionalism states mental states are what?

  • External
  • Both internal and external
  • Internal
  • Semantics

4. Does Functionalism answer the problem of Multiple Realisability?

  • There is no problem
  • No....
  • Yes!
  • Sometimes, if you use the non-reductive theory

5. Functionalism relies upon....

  • Negative freedom
  • The Nature Of The Mind
  • Inputs - Casual Roles - Outputs
  • Consciousness


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