Functionalism + Crime Quiz

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1. What are Merton's five responses to anomie?

  • Rebellion, acceptance, innovation, ritualism, conformity
  • Conformity, ritualism, retreatism, innovation, rebellion
  • Discontent, innovation, rebellion, retreatism, ritualism
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2. Who developed strain theory?

  • Merton
  • Young
  • Taylor

3. Who argues that too much crime threatens societies stability by challenging its norms and values?

  • Durkheim
  • South
  • Murray

4. Who believes crime is a product of bad socialisation, mainly because of the family failing to instill the correct norms and values into their offspring?

  • Messner and Rosenfeld
  • Parsons
  • Merton

5. Deviant tendencies are controlled by schools, the family etc. If these institutions are lacking or weak, deviance will occur.

  • Hirschi
  • Cloward and Ohlin
  • Miller


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