Functionalism + Crime Quiz

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1. What are Hirschi's four 'bonds' that bind people to society?

  • Attachment, involvement, commitment, belief
  • Conformity, involvement, commitment, belief
  • Attachment, involvement, necessity, belief
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2. Reactions to crime clarify boundaries of acceptable behaviour and creates social integration through uniting society against the criminal, forming shared values. It also generates social change.

  • Cohen
  • Durkheim
  • Merton

3. What are Merton's five responses to anomie?

  • Rebellion, acceptance, innovation, ritualism, conformity
  • Conformity, ritualism, retreatism, innovation, rebellion
  • Discontent, innovation, rebellion, retreatism, ritualism

4. Who argues that too much crime threatens societies stability by challenging its norms and values?

  • Murray
  • Durkheim
  • South

5. Who developed strain theory?

  • Merton
  • Young
  • Taylor


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