Functional Anatomy (spine, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Ankle and hand/elbow)

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1. What does PCL ligament in the knee stand for and what type of ligament is it?

  • Positive Critical ligament - intracapsular
  • Posterior Cruciate ligament - extracapsular
  • Positive Cruciate ligament - extracapsular
  • Posterior Critical ligament - intracapsular
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2. what are the joints of the joints within the foot?

  • Ankle Joint and knuckle joints
  • Talotibial, Tarsometatarsal, Metatarsodigital
  • Talocrucal, Subtalar, Tarsometatarsal, Metatarsophalangeal, Interphalangeal
  • Metaphalangeal, Proximal and Distal phalangeal

3. What is another name for the Hip joint?

  • Synovial joint
  • Iliac joint
  • Sacroiliac joint
  • Pelvic joint

4. Which ligament(s) hold the shoulder in place?

  • Acromioclavicular, Coracoacromial, Coracoclavicular
  • Glenoid and Corocoid ligaments
  • Deltoid and Gleniod ligaments
  • Deltoid Ligaments

5. What main joint id the Gleniod Fossa?

  • The elbow (collectively)
  • The hip Socket
  • The shoulder Socket
  • The knee (collectively)


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