Functional Anatomy (spine, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Ankle and hand/elbow)

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1. what are the joints of the joints within the foot?

  • Talocrucal, Subtalar, Tarsometatarsal, Metatarsophalangeal, Interphalangeal
  • Ankle Joint and knuckle joints
  • Talotibial, Tarsometatarsal, Metatarsodigital
  • Metaphalangeal, Proximal and Distal phalangeal
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2. What is Necrosis of the hand?

  • When the Scaphoid blood vessel develops and blockage
  • When the Scaphoid snaps and causes unbearable pain
  • When the Scaphoid snaps and the bone dies from a blocked blood supply
  • When the Scaphoid grows too big and starts to inhibit movement

3. What are the functions of the Menisci in the knee joint?

  • stabilise, lubricate, aid movement, protect the bones and shock absorb
  • aid movement, protect from damage, shock absorb and provide bounce
  • stabilise, lubricate, aid rotation, protect cartilage and shock absorb
  • aid movement of the knee and protect against damage

4. What is the name of the joint between each vertebrae in the spine?

  • Gliding joint
  • Facet joint
  • Spinal joint
  • Sliding joint

5. What type of bone is the Patella?

  • Sesimoid bone
  • Flat Bone
  • Floating bone
  • Knee Bone


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