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1. What is the function of the water vascular system?

  • Allows the animals to extend its tube feet by forcing water into the controlled tissues
  • To allow fresh water to pass through the animals and dispose of dirty water
  • To release sperm and eggs into the water column
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2. What is the function of the plastron?

  • An area of attachment for small spines to dig burrows
  • For tube feet attachment for digging
  • To respire by gas exchange

3. What is the function of 'Aristotle's lantern'?

  • To attach the spine to the boss
  • To scrape algae or other food towards the gut
  • To filter sediment that enters the mouth
  • To allow water into the madreporite

4. What is the function of the Anterior groove?

  • To direct currents to the mouth
  • To house pore pairs
  • To direct waste away from echinoid
  • To make it easier for them to burrow

5. What is the function of tube feet?

  • For respiration, movement and feeding
  • For attachment, movement and respiration
  • For defence, movement and feeding
  • For defence, support and attachment


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