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2. Which is not a reason for the Munich Putsch?

  • Hitler assumed he would gain the support of Bavarian Nationalists
  • The Government called off the passive resistance campaign
  • The Freikorps had been disbanded
  • Nazi party was stronger than ever before

3. What did not happen in the Kapp Putsch?

  • Kapp tried to persuade people into work with bribes and threats
  • Ebert fled to Dresden
  • Kahr informed the government of what was happening
  • Ebert called for a general strike

4. What happens when wave speed increases?

  • The angle of incidence will decrease
  • The wave bends away from the normal
  • The wave bends towards the normal
  • The angle of incidence will increase

5. What conditions are required in the Contact process?

  • 1atm, 450*C, Vanadium pentoxide catalyst
  • 200atm, 450*C, Iron catalyst
  • 200atm, 450*C, Vanadium pentoxide catalyst
  • 1atm, 450*C, Iron catalyst


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