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2. Which was not a Nazi aim in 1920?

  • Help for small business
  • Gain power democratically
  • Death penalty for criminals against the nation
  • Take over land in Eastern Europe for growing German population

3. Which describes the silent prison system?

  • Hard Labour, Hard Fare, Hard Board
  • High suicide and insanity rates
  • Prisoners not allowed to see each other
  • Useful work

4. Which was not an important date in Hitlers path to dictatorship?

  • 2nd May 1933- Trade Unions taken over (DAF)
  • Kristalnacht - November
  • 24th March 1933- Enabling act
  • August 1934- Army Oaths
  • July 1933- Political parties banned
  • 29th June 1934- Night of the Long Knives

5. Which is not a reason for the Munich Putsch?

  • Hitler assumed he would gain the support of Bavarian Nationalists
  • The Freikorps had been disbanded
  • Nazi party was stronger than ever before
  • The Government called off the passive resistance campaign


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