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2. What is not true about temporary hardness (of water)?

  • Can be removed using ion exchange resin
  • It is caused by Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4)
  • Produces insoluble CaCO3 (limescale) when boiled
  • It is caused by Hydrogencarbonate ions (HCO3-)

3. In electrolysis, where do the ions go?

  • +ve to the Cathode, -ve to the Anode
  • They are dissolved
  • -ve to the Cathode, +ve to the Anode
  • They stay in solution

4. What type of soil contains mostly small particles?

  • Fertillised soil
  • Loam soil
  • Clay soil
  • Sandy soil

5. What did not happen in the Kapp Putsch?

  • Ebert fled to Dresden
  • Kahr informed the government of what was happening
  • Kapp tried to persuade people into work with bribes and threats
  • Ebert called for a general strike


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