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2. Which was not a Nazi aim in 1920?

  • Take over land in Eastern Europe for growing German population
  • Death penalty for criminals against the nation
  • Gain power democratically
  • Help for small business

3. What conditions are required in the Contact process?

  • 1atm, 450*C, Vanadium pentoxide catalyst
  • 1atm, 450*C, Iron catalyst
  • 200atm, 450*C, Iron catalyst
  • 200atm, 450*C, Vanadium pentoxide catalyst

4. When was Kristalnacht?

  • November 1938
  • November 1934
  • June 1934
  • June 1938

5. Which does not describe Goering's 4 year plan?

  • Persuade big business to produce key synthetics (rubber, fuel, textiles)
  • Build new industrial plants (Hermann Goering works)
  • Increase production of materials needed for rearmament
  • Trade agreements w/ other countries (their raw materials for German goods)
  • Use forced labour
  • Tighten control on prices and wages


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