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2. Freud believed what about religion

  • We should get rid of religion because it's dangerous
  • We should keep religion because its healthy
  • We are born with it
  • Everyone should have the same religion

3. Freud thought of all but what answer?

  • Animism
  • Collective neurosis
  • Archetypes
  • Oidepus complex

4. Religion is created by the mind to help us overcome all but which answer?

  • Physical illness
  • Inner psychological conflict
  • The conflict between our natures and civilisation
  • Helplessness and fear of natural forces

5. What did Freud believe about religion

  • As an illusion, religion is based on wish fulfilment
  • As an illusion, religion is based on your environment
  • As an illusion, religion is based memory
  • As a reality, religion is based on memory


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