Name and outline the 5 psychosexusal stages of development
1.Oral Stage(0-1yr), features mouth. 2.Anal stage(1-3yrs), features anus, ego develops. 3.Phallic stage(3-5/6yrs), features genitals&masturbation, Oedipus&Electra Complexes. 4.Latency Stage(5/6-puberty), libido dormant. 5.Genital Stage(puberty+)
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Outline the Oedipus Complex?
Boy develops sexual desires for mother-wants to get rid of father. Boy develops love for penis, develops castration anxiety. Boy identifies with father in resolution to this.
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Outline the Electra Complex?
Girl desires father but soon realises she does not have a penis, gets penis envy&wish to be a boy. Resolved by girl substituting wish for penis with wish for baby, but blames mother for her 'castrated state'. Resolved by girl identifying with mother.
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To report the findings of the treatment of a five year old boy for his phobia of horses.
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Case study method, lasting 2 years, carried out mainly by the boy's father, who was a supporter of Freud, who reported info to Freud and in response Freud gave directions. Carried out in the boy's home. Freud met him once for an interview.
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One boy, aged 3-5 years, called Little Hans.
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Outline the findings (3 years only)
3 YEARS: Hans interested in 'widdlers', main theme of dreams. 3 YRS 6 MNTHS: mother threatened to have it cut off, sister born and Hans showed jealousy, Hans formed emotional attachments to other children, mainly girls.
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Outline the findings (5 years)
Phobia of horses apparent, connected to large penis frightening him. Fear developed after anxiety dream of losing mother and his widdler, oedipus complex started. Phobia began to get worse, Hans wouldn't leave house.
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Outline the findings (5 years continued)
Hans taken to see Freud, he noted Hans didn't like horses with black bits around mouth (moustache) and blinkers (glasses). In interview Hans said: "Don't trot away from me Daddy!"
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Outline the giraffe dream
Big giraffe and crumpled giraffe. Hans took crumpled one away, which made the big one cry out. After it stopped calling out, Hans sat on the crumpled one. Interpreted as reword of the morning exchanges, father often objected to Hans getting into bed
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Outline the Grandfather dream
Hans married to his mother and playing with his own children. His father was promoted the grandfather. Interpreted as the resolution of the Oedipus Complex.
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Outline the Plumber dream
Plumber came and removed Little Hans' bottom and widdler, and replaced them with a larger one for each. Interpretation = resolution.
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Strengths of the study
Case study provides in-depth info and qualitative data. High EV as in own home and mainly father. Study not reliant on past memories as adult case studies are - able to ask Hans there and then, more reliable and less susceptible to mistakes
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Weaknesses of the study
Sample of one - not representative or generalisable. Based on interpretations so reduced objectivity, especially as his father was supporter of Freud. Other explanations of Hans' fear of horses, such as he saw a horse fall over in the street.
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What year was this study conducted?
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Outline the Oedipus Complex?


Boy develops sexual desires for mother-wants to get rid of father. Boy develops love for penis, develops castration anxiety. Boy identifies with father in resolution to this.

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Outline the Electra Complex?


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