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il fait chaud
it's hot
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il fait froid
it's cold
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il fait beau
it's nice
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il fait mauvais
it's bad weather
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il pleut
it's raining
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il est pluvieux
it is rainy
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il neige
it's snowing
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il est ensoleille
it is sunny
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il y a du soleil
it's sunny
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il y a du vent
it's windy
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il y a du brouillard
it's foggy
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il y a des orages
it's stormy
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il y a des nuages
it's cloudy
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il est nuageux
it is cloudy
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il est couvert/gris
it is overcast/grey
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il est frais
it is chilly
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il gele
it's freezing
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une averse
(rain) shower
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une eclaircie
sunny spell
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la pluie
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la temperature basse/elevee
low/high temperature
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it's cold


il fait froid

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it's nice


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it's bad weather


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it's raining


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This set of flash card will help you learn and perfect your knowledge of French weather terms. It covers all the types of weather you will ever need in your exams.

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