French - TV and Films

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une publicité
an advert
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une émission
a programme
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une émission de sport
a sport programme
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les actualites/informations
the news
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un feuilleton
a soap
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une série
a series
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une comédie
a comedy
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un dessin animé
a cartoon
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un policier
a detective programme/film
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un western
a western
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un film de science-fiction
a sci-fi film
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un film de guerre
a war film
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un film d'amour
a love story
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un film d'adventures
an adventure film
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un film d'horreur
a horror film
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un film romantique
a romantic film
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a programme


une émission

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a sport programme


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the news


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a soap


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If you need to learn the French for different types of films and TV programmes this is a great resource that will help you with all the basics. Useful for Reading, listening, writing and oral examinations.

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