French Revolution

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1. What did the Tennis Court Oath say?

  • National Assembly couldn't dissolve till they had made a new constitution
  • That no one would be Louis XVI’s doubles partner
  • That the third estate would accept the heavy tax burden
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2. How were the nobles taxed

  • They weren't
  • They paid tax on the amount of land they owned
  • Paid a version of income tax

3. Who made up the second estate?

  • Peasants
  • Nobles
  • Clergy

4. Who created the Committee of Public Safety?

  • National Convention
  • Louis XVI
  • Napoleon

5. Which landmark was stormed in order to gain weapons?

  • The Bastille
  • Louvre
  • Effiel Tower



This is a quick fire way of checking revision of the French Revolution. Useful after the key information has been learnt.


really good quick way of revising the french revolution

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