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le restaurant chinois
chinese restaurant
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le collège (m)
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un château (m)
a castle
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un musée (m)
a museum
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un marché (m)
a market
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un centre sportif (f)
a sports centre/a leisure centre
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une gare (f)
a train station
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une plage (f)
a beach
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une bibliothèque (f)
a library
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une église (f)
a church
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des magasins (plur)
the shops
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au bord de la mer
by the sea
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en ville
in town
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à la campagne
in the countryside
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à la montagne
in the mountains
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faire de la voile
to go sailing
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faire de la planche à voile
to go wind-surfing
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aller à la pêche
to go fishing
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faire de l'équitation
to go horse-riing
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to/i buy
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faire du vélo
to/i ride my bike
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le collège (m)

Card 3


a castle


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a museum


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a market


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