French: Common Questions

Students will be expected to use and understand the general vocabulary listed below. The vocabulary is not restricted to specific settings and can occur in any of the topic areas listed in the specification. 

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a quelle heure?
at what time?
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Ça s’écrit comment?
how do you spell that?
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c'est combien?
how much is it?
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c'est quelle date?
what's the date?
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c'est quel jour?
what's day is it?
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de quelle couleur?
what colour?
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from where?
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où ça?
where's that?
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où est?
where is?
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pour combien de temps?
for how long?
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que veut dire?
what does....mean?
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quelle heure est-il?
what's the time?
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Card 2


Ça s’écrit comment?


how do you spell that?

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c'est combien?


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c'est quelle date?


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c'est quel jour?


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