French - Chores

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je fais le menage
i do the housework
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je fais la vaisselle
i do the dishes
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je fais la lessive
i do the laundry
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je fais le repassage
i do the ironing
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je fais le jardinage
i do the gardening
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je fais la cuisine
i do the cooking
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je fais les courses
i do the shopping
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je fais les lits
i make the beds
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je fais du babysitting
i babysit
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je mets la table
i set/lay the table
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je debarrasse la table
i clear the table
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je sors la poubelle
i take the bin out
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je promene le chien
i walk the dog
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je passe l'aspirateur
i hoover up
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je garde ma soeur
i look after my sister
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je range ma chambre
i tidy my bedroom
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je prepare les repas
i prepare meals
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je nettoie la salle de bains
i clean the bathroom
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je lave la voiture
i wash the car
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j'aide ma mere avec...
i help my mum with...
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je ne fais rien
i do nothing
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Card 2


i do the dishes


je fais la vaisselle

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i do the laundry


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Card 4


i do the ironing


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i do the gardening


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