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Je Me Reveille
I wake up
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Je me leve
I get up
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Je me lave
I have a wash
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Je me douche
I have a shower
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Me me brosse les dents
I brush my teeth
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Je m'habille
I get Dressed
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Je Prends le petit dejeuner
i eat breakfast
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Je vais au college
I go to school
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Je rentre a la maison
I walk home
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Je prends le gouter
I eat a snack
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Je fais mes devoirs
I do my homework
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Je regarde la tele
I watch television
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Je fais du velo
I ride my bike
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Je mange
I eat
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Je fais la vaiselle
I do the dishes
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Je me couche
I go to sleep
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Six heures et demi
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Quatre heures moins vignt
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Sept heures moins dix
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On telephone a des compains
I phone my friends
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Sur le bureau
On the desk
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Sous les rideaux
under the curtains
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Derriere le lit
behind the bed
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devant une Tele
Infront of the television
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Dans un ordinateur
in the computer
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Card 2


I get up


Je me leve

Card 3


I have a wash


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Card 4


I have a shower


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Card 5


I brush my teeth


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