French speaking - in others opinions/ quoting your sources

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certains disent que
some say that
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certains affirment que
some maintain that
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d'autres croient/estiment que
others believe that
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nombreux sont ceux qui disent que
many say that
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bien peu pensent que
very few people think that
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il y a ceux qui
there are those who
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beaucoup de gens disent que
lots of people say that
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une minorité affirme que
a minority state that
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la grande majorité des gens...
the vast majority of people...
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d'autres diraient que
others would say that
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selon un sondage/une enquête
according to a poll/survey
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d'après mes recherches
according to my research
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j'ai lu un article sur ce sujet
I've read an article about this
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tout le monde s'accorde sur le fait que
everyone agrees that
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la quasi-totalité
the vast majority
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les chiffres attestent que
the figures show that
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les avis sont partagés
opinion is divided
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some maintain that


certains affirment que

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others believe that


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many say that


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very few people think that


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