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Je me reveille
I wake up
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Je me brosse les dents
I brush my teeth
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Je me lave
I wash myself
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Je m'habille
I get dressed
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Je me peigne
I brush my hair
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Je prends mon petit dejeuner
I eat my breakfast
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Je vais au college
I go to school
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Je mange a la cantine
I eat my lunch in the canteen
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Je fais mes deviors
I do my homework
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Je me douche
I shower myself
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Je regarde un film
I watch a film
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Je me couche
I go to bed
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Je me maquille
I do my make up
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Je me raser
I shave
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Je sors
I go out
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Card 2


I brush my teeth


Je me brosse les dents

Card 3


I wash myself


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Card 4


I get dressed


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Card 5


I brush my hair


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