French classroom objects

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Un Stylo
A pen
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Un Bic
A biro
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Un Livre
A book
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Un Cahier
An excercise book
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Un Crayon
A pencil
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Un Sac a Dos
A rucksak
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Un taille-crayon
A pencil sharpener
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Un ordinateur
A computer
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Une regle
A ruler
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Une gomme
A rubber
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Une Boite
A box
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Une trousse
A pencil case
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Une table
A table
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Une chaise
A chair
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Une calculatrise
a calculator
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Card 2


A biro


Un Bic

Card 3


A book


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Card 4


An excercise book


Preview of the back of card 4

Card 5


A pencil


Preview of the back of card 5
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