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Qu'est-ce qu'il y a...
What is there...?
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Il y a...
There ia a...
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un cafe (accent agui)
a cafe (accent going up)
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un centre commercial
a shopping centre
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un centre de loisirs
a leisure centre
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un chateau (accent cirumflex over a)
a castle
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un cinema (accent agui over e)
a cinema
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une eglise (accent agui over e)
a church
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un hotel (accent circumflex over o)
a hotel
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un marche (accent agui over e)
a supermarket
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un parc
a park
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un restaurant
a restaurant
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un stade
a stadium
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une patinoire
an ice rink
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une piscine
a swimming pool
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des magasins
some shops
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des musees (accent agui over first e)
some museums
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il n'y a pas de
there isn't a
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Card 2


There ia a...


Il y a...

Card 3


a cafe (accent going up)


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Card 4


a shopping centre


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Card 5


a leisure centre


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