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Personnene fume dans cette classe
No one smokes in this class
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Je ne fume pas
I do not smoke
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Je ne fume plus
I no longer smoke
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Je ne fume rien
I smoke nothing
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Je ne fume jamais
I never smoke
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Je ne fume que
I only smoke
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Je vais fumer à l'avenir
I am going to smoke in the future
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Je ne vais pas fumer
I am not going to smoke
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Je ne vais jamais fumer
I'm never going to smoke
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J'ai fumé
I smoked
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Je n'ai jamais fumé
I have never smoked
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Je suis d'accord
I agree
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Je ne suis pas d'accord
I don't agree
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Je suis accro
I am addicted
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ça rend les dents jaunes
It makes your teeth yellow
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C'est complètement antisocial
It's totally antisocial
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On risque le cancer des poumons
There's a chance of lung cancer
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C'est très nocif pour la santé
it's very harmful for your health
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on a l'air cool
it looks cool
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ça me révolte
it appalls/outrages me
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ça coûte cher
it's expensive
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ça pue et ça tue
it stinks and it kills
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cela peut être dangereux pour le coeur
it can be dangerous for the heart
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C'est bête
it's stupid
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le tabagisme passif est dangereux
passive smoking is dangerous
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c'est un gaspillage d'argent
it's a waste of money
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c'est dur d'arrêter
It's hard to stop
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ça crée une dépendance/ ça rend dépendant
it's addictive
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ça réduit la fertilité
it reduces fertility
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c'est relaxant
its relaxing
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Card 2


I do not smoke


Je ne fume pas

Card 3


I no longer smoke


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Card 4


I smoke nothing


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Card 5


I never smoke


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