Fraud by false representation Quiz

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1. What is under S2 (2) of The Fraud Act 2006?

  • That false means untrue or misleading but representation is undefined,
  • A representation may be express or implied
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2. Silverman is a case that illustrates an implied representation

  • False, it illustrates an express representation
  • True, an excessive quotation for work is an example of an implied representation

3. DPP v Ray illustrates an implied representation through the use of a cheque guarantee card

  • False
  • True

4. In the case of Lambie, the defendant had a credit card and upon exceeding its limit she was asked to return it. Instead of returning it she went on to buy more goods.

  • True
  • False, this was the case of DPP v Ray
  • False, this was the case of Barnard

5. Under S2 (4) of the Fraud Act 2006, a representation may be express or implied.

  • True
  • False


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