Frankenstein quotes

gives me a forecast...
of those icy climates
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the storn
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the secrets...
of heaven and earth that I desired to learn
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life and death...
appeared to me ideal bounds
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my candle...
was nearly burnt out
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I saw the dull...
yellow eye of the creature open
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fear overcame me; ...
I dared not advance
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dim scenes...
of evil
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magnificent scenes
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filled me with...
fear and agitation
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the words of the fiend...
rung in my ears
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I am require to...
not only raise the spirits of others
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I have...
no friend
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I never saw a man...
so wretched a condition
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my more than sister,...
since till death was to be mine only
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the secrets of science
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one though,...
one conception, one purpose
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a new species..
would bless me as its creator and source
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my heart...
palpiatated in the sickness of fear
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overcame me
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but I...
the true murderer
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sleep fled...
my eyes; I wandered like an evil spirit
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when I thought of him...
I gnashed my teeth, my eyes became inflamed
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crept over me
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and comfortless sky
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the heavens...
were clouded
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yellow eye...
of the creature open
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shrivelled complexion...
and straight black lips
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it was the wretch...
the filthy daemon to whom I have given life
30 of 31
most hideous...
and abhorred
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the storn

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the secrets...


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life and death...


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my candle...


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