Frankenstein Volume 1 Quiz

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1. In Chapter 6 Victor says 'A flash of lightning illuminated the object'. What is the object he is referring to?

  • One of the books Victor had studied at Ingolstadt
  • The Monster
  • The necklace Elizabeth had given William to wear the day he was murdered.
  • Elizabeth
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2. How does Walton describe Victor in his 4th letter?

  • 'a man controlled by the greatest need for revenge'
  • 'a man unable to communicate anything of substance'
  • 'a man on the brink of destruction'
  • 'a man who could speak no words'

3. Who is punished for William's death?

  • Justine
  • Elizabeth
  • The monster
  • Ernest

4. How does Victor describe Elizabeth when he meets her for the first time?

  • 'confined to a life, so far, full of the greatest misery'
  • 'playful as a summer insect'
  • 'worrysome'
  • 'the most beautiful creature in the entire world'

5. What are the names of the two professors Victor meets at Inglostadt?

  • M. Saville and M. Clerval
  • M. Krempe and M. Waldman
  • M. Krux and M. Alphonse
  • M. Lavenza and M. De Lacy


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