Frankenstein - Monster Culture

Monster Culture
Jeffrey Cohen
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The monster exists
only to be read
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The monster's ability to threats
lives in its ability to shift
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The monster always escapes
because it resists easy categorisation
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The monster as a form
is ready to smash distinctions
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Dialectical other
the monster is difference made flesh
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Monsters are never created ex nihilo
but through a process of recombination
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of various forms and particularly of marginalised social groups
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The monster seeks out its creator
to find its raison d'etre
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Every monster is a double narrative
how it came to be and what cultural purpose it serves
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The monster's destructiveness is merely a deconstructiveness
which reveals that difference originates in process and not fact
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The monster is trangressive
because it is too sexual
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Fear of the monster
is really a kind of desire - to make it totalitarian (Levinas)
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The monster is linked to forbidden practices
in order to normalise and enforce
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The monster stands
at the threshold of becoming
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We push the monster back
they come back with self-knowledge - more human than human
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Card 2


The monster exists


only to be read

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The monster's ability to threats


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The monster always escapes


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The monster as a form


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