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2. how do you turn a percent into a fraction

  • get the percent number and turn it into a fraction but putting a 100 and then simplifing it
  • ect
  • get the perecnt and times it loads of times
  • do the same thing to the top as u did to the bottom

3. how do you find a percentage of amounts

  • ect
  • divide the amount by the bottom and then multiply by the top
  • just find it
  • divide the top and then times the bottom

4. how do you turn a decimal into a fraction

  • get the number and put a 1 beneath the decimal point and then times it according to how ever much numbers are after the decimal point
  • times it so many times

5. how do you turn a percentage into a decimal

  • divide by 10
  • divide it by 100
  • times it by 200
  • times it b 10


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