Fractional distillation of crude oil

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1. What happens to the very short and very long hydrocarbons?

  • They do not exit and stay in the column
  • Very short hydrocarbons with high boiling points exit at the bottom and very long chain hydrocarbons with low boiling pointsexit as gases
  • Very long hydrocarbons have very high boiling pointsand exit at the bottem of the column, Short hydrocarbons have low boiling points and exit at the top as gases,
  • They both exit as liquids
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2. What happens as the hydrocarbons move up the column?

  • As they travel up the column they get cooler, when they fall below there boiling point they turn to as liquid and are removed
  • They are slowly heated
  • They are slowly cooled

3. Crude Oil is a mixture of what molecules?

  • Carbondioxides
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Hydroxides
  • sulfoxides

4. What are fractions?

  • Fractions contain hydrocarbons with a completely different number of carbon atoms
  • Fractions contain hydrocarbons with a similar number of carbon atoms
  • A fraction is a section of all the hydrocarbons

5. What is the first stage in fractional distillation?

  • The crude oil is heated to boil and is evaporated and turned to gas
  • The crude oil is heated up and to just below its boiling point and then immediately frozen.
  • The crude oil is frozen and turned into a solid block
  • The crude oil is heated but not to much that it boils and evaporates


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