Formula and Equations

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Frequency equation?
Frequency = 1/ time period
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Wave speed equation?
Wave Speed = frequency x wavelength
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Refractive Index equation?
Refractive Index = Sin i / Sin r
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Efficency equation?
Efficiency = useful energy output / total energy input
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Work Done equation?
Work Done = Force applied x Distance applied
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Gravitational Potential Energy equation?
GPE = Mass of object x Gravitational Field Strength x Distance raised against G
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Kinetic Energy equation?
KE = 1/2 x mass of object x velocity2
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Power equation in terms of work done and time taken?
Power = Work Done / Time taken
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Density equation?
Density = mass / volume
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Pressure equation?
Pressure = force / area
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Pressure Difference equation?
Pressure Difference = Height x Density x G
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Transformer equation?
Input Voltage/ Output Voltage = NO. of turns on Primary coil / NO of turns on Secondary coil.
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Wave speed equation?


Wave Speed = frequency x wavelength

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Refractive Index equation?


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Efficency equation?


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Work Done equation?


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