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1. Lott (1994)

  • In many cultures women are socialized into demanding less from their husbands and children rather than them being focused on the gratification of their own needs
  • The theory can not be generalized to all genders
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2. Griffit & Guay (1969)

  • Says the reward/need theory is too reductionist
  • Lab expermiment where they found that positive evaluations of a creative task led to the experimenter being more liked
  • Found no link between rewards and the desire to enter relationship

3. Foa & Foa (1972)

  • Rewards = Self-esteem, sex, love Needs = Money, shelter, food
  • Similarities in personalities are the reason relationships are formed

4. How does the reward/need theory ignore the importance of giving?

  • People gain satisfaction from givng aswell as reciving
  • Not everybody gains rewards

5. Lehr & Gehr (2006)

  • lab experiment in which participants were given description of a stranger who were similar or dissimlar to their personalities. Participants preffered those who were similar
  • Similarities in a lab experiment showed no link


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