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define restorative justice?
system for dealing with criminal behaviour that focuses on rehab of offenders through reconciliation w/ victims
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- changing the emphasis
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historically person convicted as criminal offence would be regarded as having?
committed crime against state
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in conrtast restorative justice programmes switch emphasis to?
needs of individual victim
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as such victims encouraged to do wat?
take up active role in process
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while offenders required to?
take responsibility and face up to their crime
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- restorative justice process
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process of managed collaboration between?
offender and viction
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based on related principles of?
healing and empowerment
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what is orgamies?
supervised meeting between two parties
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also attended by?
trained mediator
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at meeting victim is given opportunity to?
confront offender and explain how incident affected them
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similarly offender given opportunity to?
see consequence of their actions
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- key features of the process
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focus on what for people who harm others rather than punishment?
acceptance of responsibility / positive change
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not restricted to courtrooms how?
victims and those responsible for harm may voluntarily choose to meet up outside
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who may also have role in process?
other relevant community members
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what should they be referred to insteda of victims?
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what kind of involvement wherever possible?
active involvement
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focus on positive outcomes for who?
both survivors / those who did wrongdoing
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- variations of process
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occasionally rather than face-to-face encounters what may be happen?
financial resolution
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other may involve offender doign what themselves?
restoring damaged property
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restorative justice flexible and can?
function as alternative to prison
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as well as an add on to?
community service
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or incentive which may lead to?
reduction of existing sentence
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- restorative justice council
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independent body whose role it is to?
establish clear standards for use of restorative justice
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and to support who in the field?
victims / specialist professionals
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advocate use of restorative practice in prev and managing conflict where?
many areas like schools / hospitals / workplaces not just prison
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:) diversity of programmes
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one reason its unlike custodial sentencing is?
degree of flexibility in way programmes can be administered
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positive in what sense?
schemes can be adapted and tailored to needs of individual situation
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does present difficulties in terms of?
drawing general conclusions about whole approach effectiveness
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:( relies on offender remorse
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danger some offenders may sign up to do what?
avoid prison / reduce sentence > willing amends
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victim may laos have ulterior motive like?
seek revenge / retribution
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means restorative justice may not lead to positive outcomes when?
pps dont agree to take part w/ best intentions
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:( spenny
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shapland conducted a research programme over how many years?
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and found every £! spent on restorative justice would dave criminal justice system how much?
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reduced reoffending
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however as result of emotional meeting what is required?
input of skilled / experienced mediator
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specialist professionals trained in these matters likely to be?
rare / spenny
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in addition suffer from high dropout rates?
victim losing their nerve
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which means thsi may not always be most?
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:( feminist critique
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they take issue with what about it?
widespread use
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in particular womens aid have called for legislative ban on its use in what cases?
domestic violence
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concerns relate to what?
power imbalance between abuser and abused
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and fact wider community often resorts to?
blaming victim
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:( soft option
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define restorative justice?


system for dealing with criminal behaviour that focuses on rehab of offenders through reconciliation w/ victims

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- changing the emphasis


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historically person convicted as criminal offence would be regarded as having?


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in conrtast restorative justice programmes switch emphasis to?


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