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2. What does CNS stand for?

  • Central Nervous Synapse
  • Central Nervous System
  • Central Nerve System
  • Central No Synapse

3. What happens when an impulse reaches a synaps?

  • A chemical is realised and then starts an electrical impulse in the next neurone
  • A chemical is realised which then squashes the neurones together
  • A chemical is realised which then causes the electrical impulse to stop
  • An electrical current is passed through the synapse causing it to pass onto the next neurone

4. What does Germinate mean?

  • Starts to grow
  • Stops growing
  • Starts to move
  • Starts to get taller

5. What are the main stages of Pollination?

  • Pollination, Fertilization, Carbonation, Strength
  • Pollination, Fertilization, Germination, Growth
  • Pollination, Fertilization, Carbonation, Growth
  • Pollination Fertilization, Growth, Sunlight


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