Foreign Policy Quiz Henry Viii and Wolsey

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1. What was the Scriptural Arguments about?

  • The reasoning Wolsey had with the Pope on whether or not divorce was a papal policy
  • The validity of Henry and Catherine marriage which relied on her word that her marriage to Prince Arthur was not cosummated.
  • The argument between the pope and Wolsey on who would become the King's chief minister
  • The argument between Charles V and Henrry viii on who would invade France first.
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2. What queen did Henry want to divorce in order to marry Anne Boleyn?

  • Queen Mary
  • Catherine of Aragon
  • Anne of Cleves
  • Jane Seymour

3. What happened in the summer of 1529?

  • The pope made Wolsey papal legate for life
  • Wolsey died
  • Henry used Wolsey's position as papal legate to accuse him of praemunire
  • Henry accused Wolsey of treason and he was sent to his palace for 3 days until he had 'understood what he did wrong'

4. What were Diplomatic Manoeuvres

  • Charles V's decision not to support the supposed divorce as Catherine of Aragon is his Aunt.
  • Henry and Wolsey setting up a new position for England in Europe
  • A change in the way Wolsey though-he decided on an alliance with France rather than Spain
  • Henry and Anne Boleyn's life in the privy chamber

5. Who was the Battle of the Spurs against?

  • Spain
  • Scotland
  • France
  • Italy


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