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2. What queen did Henry want to divorce in order to marry Anne Boleyn?

  • Catherine of Aragon
  • Anne of Cleves
  • Queen Mary
  • Jane Seymour

3. What helped Wolsey become so high in power?

  • His ruthlessness and charm
  • He was really kind and jolly and the King liked that.
  • The fact he was already wealthy and not a peasant
  • His father was an old fried of Henry vi

4. What happened in the summer of 1529?

  • The pope made Wolsey papal legate for life
  • Wolsey died
  • Henry used Wolsey's position as papal legate to accuse him of praemunire
  • Henry accused Wolsey of treason and he was sent to his palace for 3 days until he had 'understood what he did wrong'

5. When did the Field of Cloth of Gold take place?

  • 7th June 1520
  • 12th August 1521
  • 1st March 1523
  • 3rd February 1520


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