Forces and Motion

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1. Alex is driving a car when he sees a wild Sophia in the road. He stops the car just infront of this endangered animal. If Alex has a thinking distance of 4m and a braking distance of 6m, what will be Alex's stopping distance?

  • 10m
  • 3.2m
  • 24m
  • 6.6m
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2. A car increases velocity from +5m/s to +15m/s in 3 seconds, what is its acceleration?

  • 3m/s
  • 3.3m/s
  • 15m/s
  • 30m/s

3. On a distance-time graph the gradient is...

  • Force
  • Speed
  • Mass
  • Acceleration

4. How do you calculate acceleration?

  • Force x Mass x Time
  • Change in velocity/Time
  • Time x Change in velocity
  • Time x Force

5. How do you calculate a force?

  • Mass x Acceleration
  • Mass - Acceleration
  • Mass/Acceleration
  • Mass/Time


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