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2. What does hook's law state?

  • It states that that the spring will stretch if you squash it
  • It states that the stretch of a spring will be directly proportional to the force applied
  • It says that the spring has to be made out of tin to stretch
  • It states that the stretch of a spring will increase when less force is applied

3. What do we call a pair of forces when one is larger than the other?

  • unbalanced
  • top heavy
  • balanced
  • neutral

4. What unit do we use to measure force?

  • Amps
  • Newtons
  • Centimetres
  • Volts

5. What does the term work mean in this topic?

  • When an object changes speed or shape
  • When an object accelerates
  • When an object changes direction
  • When an object slows down


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