Forces and Magnetism

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What are forces measured with and in?
They are measured with a force meter in Newtons (N)
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What is friction?
A force caused by objects rubbing together
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What is tension?
A force in a rope when pulled
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What is weight?
The pull of gravity
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What is drag?
Counter force produced when object travels through a fluid
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What is thrust?
Pushing force from engine or rocket
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What is upthrust?
Force of water pushing something upwards
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What is movement
A turning force
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What is gravity?
The non-contact forces of attraction between two masses that pulls you down.
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What is the name of something that reduces friction?
A lubricant
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What is gas pressure?
When particles hit the sides of a container. Number of particles, temperature and volume of container affect it.
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What is magnetism?
A force that pulls objects made of iron, steel, nickel or cobalt towards another object made of a metal that is magnetic
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Which poles attract and repel?
-+attract, +-attract, --repel, ++repel
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How can you magnetise a piece of iron?
By stoking a magnet over the top of it but always in the same direction.
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What is friction?


A force caused by objects rubbing together

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What is tension?


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What is weight?


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