What is Scalar?
Only size; Area
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What is Vector?
Size (magnitude) & direction, face, velocity & acceleration
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What is Contact?
Touching each other, friction, upthrust, float
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What is Non- Contact?
objects don't touch, gravity, magnetism
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What is Weight?
weight(newtons) = mass (Kg) x gravity (N/KG on earth; grav =10)
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What is Newtons?
unit of force
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What is Mass?
matter with no definite shape
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What is Gravity?
Force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth
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What is Resultant force?
Diagram, more than one force acts on an object, be seen as single force
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What is Work done?
Transferring energy to one thing to another. J= work done = force x distanced moved
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What is Joules?
Newton meters
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What is Newtons meters?
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What is Energy transfer?
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What is Elastic Deformation?
Goes back to original shape
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What is Inelastic Deformation?
doesn't go back to original shape
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What is Directly Proportional?
X & Y are directly proportional if ratio YX is constant
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What is limit proportional?
expand; greatest stress applied to elastic body force
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What is Force?
Force = spring constant x extension
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What is Distance?
Length; distance travelled scalar
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What is Displacement?
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What is Speed?
Speed = distance / time
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What is Distance Time Graph?
Speed continuously changing
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What is Acceleration?
Rate of change in velocity / time
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What is Velocity time graph?
Speed in direction, velocity = displacement / time
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What is Newtons first law?
Nothing changes unless force
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What is Newtons second law?
force = mass x acceleration
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What is Resultant force?
Causes a change
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What is Newtons 3rd law?
Every force equal & opposite force
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What is Stopping distance?
stopping distance = thinking distance + breaking distance
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What is Thinking Distance?
Distance travelled during the drivers reaction time
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What is Breaking Distance?
Distance travelled under breaking force
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What is Therminal Velocity?
When an object falls through a fluid
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What are the factors affecting breaking distance?
Road conditions, snowy roads, worn tires / breaks, over/ under inflated tyres
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What is an Elastic Object?
Higher spring constant, stiffer the spring
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What is Vector?


Size (magnitude) & direction, face, velocity & acceleration

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