Forces can include anything from weight to friction. Remember to keep on track with your revising not allowing any distractions to get in the way.

Forces include:

  • Weight / gravity & up thrust,
  • Friction,
  • Push & Pulls,
  • Air Resistance,
  • Thrust,
  • Magnatism,
  • and Newton's.
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1. What Force helps to hold things to a frigde door?

  • Magnetism
  • Contact forces
  • Friction
  • Static
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2. What is a form of electricity that can attract things?

  • Weight
  • Magnetism
  • Static
  • contact forces

3. what happens if the Up Thrust on a ball is higher than the Weight?

  • The ball sinks.
  • The ball rolls away.
  • The ball flies up.
  • The ball stays where it is.

4. How do you work out a moment?

  • Moment= Resultant force x mass
  • Moment= Force x Perpendicular distance from the face to the pNot
  • Moment= Mass x Weight
  • Moment= Force divided by Perpendicular distance from the face to the pNot.

5. What do we weigh forces in?

  • Inches
  • Grams (G)
  • Newtons (N)
  • Centemeters (Cm)


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