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2. Frozen foods are popular because...

  • They look better
  • They come in many forms and are easy to prepare
  • they have better nutritional value
  • they are cold

3. What kind of hazard is a fly?

  • Biological
  • Physical
  • Chemical

4. What temperature must foods reach when they are cooked or reheated?

  • 72
  • 54
  • 63
  • 100

5. Crustaceans have legs

  • True
  • False



yeaa but im pretty sure you cant go diaganaly then change direction lolol


great quiz! i got 95%. that's boosted my confidence about the exam because I thought I didn't know much but obviously I do, so thanks!


this was actually really useful (: made me think about the different things that may come up so thankyou so much :) got 100% i know more than i first thought



that was good really helped me


Hollie Compton

this is really good! :) thanks


brilliant questions.. :)

jill richardson

Useful quiz and flashcards with the focus on the preservation and cooking of fish.


that was not helpful


this Q/A made me think how thick I am 

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