Food tech overview.

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Why do we package food?
Protection from bacterial damage, protection from physical damage, attraction and advertising, eases storage, stop tampering
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What must packaging have?
Product name, weight/volume, ingredients, name/address of manufacturer, allergic info, use by/best before date, instructions for use
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Advantages of metal?
Mouldable, heat treatable, lightweight, recyclable, used in different thickness, strong
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Disadvantages of metal?
Can react with food.
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Advantages of glass?
Resistant to high temperature, recyclable, can be moulded, rigid, transparent
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Disadvantages of glass?
Easily broken, fragile, heavy
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Advantages of card and paperboard?
Lightweight, cheap, can be printed on, various thicknesses
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Disadvantages of card and paperboard?
Not water resistant, can be squashed
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Advantages of plastic?
Lightweight, flexible, mouldable, water resistant, cheap
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What is a standard component?
Pre-prepared item used in production
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Standard component ensures...
Standard flavour, standard size, standard shape, accurate proportions
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Advantages of a standard component?
Less skill required, requirements can be met, consistency, wide range of products, less risk of cross contamination, saves prep. time, quality is guaranteed, saves money
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Disadvantages of standard component?
Sensory qualities can be not as good, special storage conditions, components can be more expensive, time for ordering etc, dependent on others
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Use of acids?
Citric acid (enzymnic browning as fruit reacts), acetic acid (vinegar tenderises), ascorbic acid (speed up processes)
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Melting method is used for?
Flapjacks, brownies, gingerbread. Creates soft, moisty, sticky, even texture
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Melting method.
Fat is melted into treacle, stir in dry ingredients, add eggs and milk, pour, bake
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Whisking method is used for?
Swiss roll, gateux. Very light sponge.
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Whisking method.
Eggs and sugar whisked, flour gently folded, pour, bake
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What's individual about whisking method?
Short shelf life due to no fat
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Rubbing in method is used for?
Raspberry buns, rock cakes, fruit loaf. Rough surface. Dry and open cakes.
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Rubbing in method.
Rub fat into flour, add additional, add liquid, bind together, knead, shape, and bake.
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Creaming method is used for?
Used as all-in-one method. Victoria sponge. Fluffy, light sponge.
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Creaming method.
Fat and sugar creamed, eggs added, gently fold in flour, add, bake.
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What does a cracked top mean?
Oven too hot.
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What does sinking mean>
Too much raising agent.
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What does a speckled crust mean?
Wrong type of sugar.
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What does a heavy texture mean?
Too much liquid.
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What does a coarse texture mean?
Insufficient mixing
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What does a dry cake mean?
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What does it mean when fruit has sunk?
Too much liquid to carry weight.
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What is flour used for in cakes?
Structure (cake heats, protein sets framework), dextrinisation (starch converts into sugar)
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What is fat used for in cakes?
Increases shelf life, adds colour and flavour, and holds bubbles which create texture
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What is sugar used for in cakes?
Helps air, sweetens, caramelisation
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What are eggs used for in cakes?
Traps air, emulsifies, coagulates.
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What is a colloidal structure?
When two substances are mixed together
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What is a colloid?
Formed when one substance is dispersed through another
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Four different colloidal structures?
Foam, suspension, gel, emulsions
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