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design idea 1 special dietary need
coeliac/gluten free
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affects consumer food choices
difficulty digesting= protein= gluten=cereal products= wheat, rye, barley,pure oats. need gluten free product: bread, pasta, flour,starch, nuts.
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design idea 2 special dietary need
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affects food consumer choices
may have very high or low blood sugar levels. need to control sugar content obtained from food
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checking quality= ingredients
quantity= correct amount delivered. selection of appropriate ingredients e.g. plain flour not self raising.
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making= biscuit mixture
accuracy of weighing. Use of digital scales. hygiene considerations=cleanliness of equipment. work area.
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shaping= biscuits
portion control= consistent shape. consistent size= thickness, weight dimensions.
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cooking= biscuits
checking= oven, temperatures. monitoring= cooking time. consistent colour= not burnt/ undercooked. Visual check.
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CAD= development biscuit product, packaging.
modelling= product=graphic packages=physical appearence. spread sheets= costing, ratio of ingredients,portion size. modelling, communication=sensory profiles, product.
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pizza a
colour, 5 a day portions, multicultural flavours.
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pizza b
suitable for vegetarian, 5 a day, multicultural flavour.
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pizza c
colour, multicultural flavour, 5 a day.
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quality finish= pizza
using and comparing different finishing techniques: using roasted vegetables or fresh sliced vegetables on the topping. different bases e.g. thin crispy, deep pan, stuffed crust.
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reduce cost= pizza
different ratio of ingredients=base, tomato layers, cheese, toppings. comparing sources of ingredients= using fresh local ingredients to supermarket mass produced related to costs.
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safest storage conditions= pizza
comparing different storage methods/ increasing shelf life= testing suitability for chilling v fridge v freezing v room temps outcomes recorded.
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five other items= information= must be given by law
name and adress= manufacturer. storage instructions weight or volume country of origin description of product
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evaluation= important= development of food product
evaluate strengths and weaknesses. identify areas for improvement= inform improvement in a product. assist in meeting=design specifications.
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bulk of mixture= pastry, cake layer. when heated=protein set= framework of cake.
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trap air= beaten in foam. Adds= volume cake= makes it rise= aeration= light open texture.
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helps= hold air= mixture=when creamed= fat. adds attractive finish= colour= caramelisation.
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baking powder
raising agent= adds air= aerates. chemical raising agent= break down on heating=provide carbon dioxide= make cakes rise.
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shorting effect= ingredients= cakes and pastries.
shortening effect= produced by the action of fats. prevent gluten= developing. fat coats= flour particles. fat= prevent= absorption= water. gives waterproof coating.
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standard components= examples= cake, pastry products.
pre prepared items= ready made ingredients. prepared items= another manufacturer. icing= ready rolled icing= decorations=frostings= butter cream=butter cream= marzipan. cake= cake mixes. topping= meringue mix.
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manufacturers= use= standard components
reduces production time= quick. helps manufacturer= meet= precise specifications. saves cost= buying= extra resources= equipment, staff. less effort= skill= needed by staff.
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cream= piping= top of trifle= does not thicken.
food worker must= make sure cream= not past due date. ensure cream= chilled= not= room temperature= whisking.
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high level= bacteria= milky rice pudding.
food worker must= check= cooking times= temperatures= accurate. check cleanliness=equipment used.
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apples= fruit pie= turn brown.
ensure apples= not been prepared to early= before use. leave preperation= until last. don't use apples= open air.
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strawberry jelly
allowing appropriate time to set. correct storage so melting does not occur.
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chocolate muffins
time checks. temperature checks. consistent amounts in each case= not overfilling cases.
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icing on a cake
carrying out quality control checks. effective finish= blending of colour. = attach decorations effectively.
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gelling agents= work
mixed= liquid= starch particles= suspension. heating 60 degrees= starch granules swell= absorb liquid. burst open= releasing starch= thickening liquid.
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environmentally friendly
production= minimum food miles= transportation. production methods= do not harm wildlife= free range eggs. production= does not harm inhabitants.
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sustainable resources
product= packaging=may be produced= recyclable materials. 6Rs= reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink, repair, refuse. production ensures= resources renewed= do not use resources in short supply.
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require companes to pay sustainable prices= never lower= market price. ensures better working conditions.ensures= reasonable standards of living. workers in poorer developed countries. use the fairtrade mark= products= guarantee= certified fairtrade.
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sales= fairtrade= increased.
consumer= more aware= human rights= support good cause. buy more products= human rights recognised. products= recognised= fairtrade mark. more coverage= increases awareness.
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disadvantages fairtrade ingredients= designing new food products.
may be= more expensive. puts up selling price= product. limited availability= some products seasonal
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microwave advantage, disadvantage.
good for individual/ small portions. some foods= not suitable= cooking= microwave.
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large scale oven advantage, disadvantage.
good= larger numbers of products. needs specialist cleaning= batches= time consuming/ costly.
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breadmaker advantage/ disadvantage
used different yeast mixtures= many both bread and dough styles. can only cook one product=time/limited use.
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temperature: reheated cooked foods
75 degrees.
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storing chilled foods.
blast chilling= 4 degrees= within range.
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item= equipment= check temperature= food= reheating.
food/temperature probe.
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correct procedures
keep in place for 2 minutes. check temperature is 72 degrees or over. make sure sterilise before and after use.
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food= stored= freezer- 18 degrees.
water in food= stored= remain frozen/ solid.slow t freezing produces= large crystals= cell damage= fruit and freezing=small ice crystal= reduce damage= food structure.
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food= stored= refrigerator= 10 degrees
danger= food poisoning= health concerns= food eaten. quality= food=suffer= texture. chilled= food= not safe to eat.
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affects consumer food choices


difficulty digesting= protein= gluten=cereal products= wheat, rye, barley,pure oats. need gluten free product: bread, pasta, flour,starch, nuts.

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design idea 2 special dietary need


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affects food consumer choices


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checking quality= ingredients


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