Food Safety: Bacteria

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1. Give three sources of Clostridium Botulinum?

  • Uncooked or contaminated meats, poultry and eggs.
  • Low acid processed foods (like beans and peas), fish intestines and soil.
  • Minecraft, the colour pink and coal.
  • Human nose, pets and sceptic cuts.
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2. Give three common food vehicles of Salmonella?

  • Cabbage, broccoli and other vegetables like sprouts that no one likes.
  • Undercooked meats, raw (unpasteurized) milk and raw eggs.
  • Rice, old spices and cornflour.
  • Tinned food, fish and cereals.

3. What does 'exotoxin' mean?

  • Type of experiment releasing heat energy.
  • Type of bacteria that grows outside the body.
  • Type of bacteria that grows inside the body.
  • Some weird nonsense: I have forgotten what it means.

4. Give three common food vehicles of clostridium botulinum?

  • Low acid processed foods, smoked fish and bottled vegetables.
  • Tinned tomatoes, unwashed fruit and wheat.

5. Give three sources of Bacillus Cereus?

  • Toilet seats, antibacterial wipes and sofas.
  • Cereals (especially rice), old cornflour and old spices.
  • Dairy, uncooked meats (or cooked and contaminated), and poultry.
  • Shoes (especially Crocs), singing tomatoes (or any tomatoes) and people who hate Danisnotonfire.


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