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2. What is starch?

  • A type of fibre
  • A type of protein
  • A typr of carbohydrate
  • A type of fat

3. What is the test for starch?

  • Add two drops of iodine solution to a food sample. If there is any starch you will see a blue or black colour.
  • Place a food sample in a test tube of about 1 cm. Add five drops of Buiret solution. If there is any starch you will see a purple colour but this may take a few minnutes to appear.

4. What do scientists mean by the word 'diet'?

  • what you eat
  • the way your food is digested
  • your favourite food
  • how much food you eat

5. Give one reason why we need energy from our food.

  • for health
  • for general body use
  • for movement
  • for growth and repair


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