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What does impermeable mean?
Can't be contaminated
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What does biodegradable mean?
It decomposes itself
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What is vacuum packaging?
All the air is sucked out to make sure bacteria can't grow
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What does MAP stand for?
Modified Atmosphere Packaging
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What does MAP mean?
Taking the air out and replacing it with another gas.
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What can MAP be used for?
For meats
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What are types of emulsions?
oil/water mixed together e.g mayonaise
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What is foam in the collodial structure?
Bubbles of gas trapped in a liquid e.g meringue&whipped cream
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What are gels in the collodial structure?
Liquid in a solid network e.g jam & jelly
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What are suspensions in the collodial structure?
solid in a liquid e.g white sauce & custard
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How are colloids formed?
when one substance is dispersed through another
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What is an emulsifying agent?
a substance that will allow two liquids that do not normally mix, to stay together e.g lecithin in egg yolk
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What is syneresis?
loss of liquid from a gel if left to stand.
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What are emulsions?
When oil and water are forcibly mixed together.
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What is caramelisation?
Changing the colour of sugar from white to brown when heated
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What is curdling?
Fat separates from sugar and eggs making the mixture become lumpy
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What is viscosity?
Thickness of a mixture
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What is a standard component?
A ready made item used to make a product
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What are staple foods?
they form the basis of a traditional diet
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What is gluten?
The protein found in flour
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Name the main function that protein has in the body
Growth and Repair
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What is the recommended temperature for reheating cooked foods?
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What is the recommended temperature for storing chilled foods?
-10 - -5
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Name an item of equipment used to check the temperature of foods when reheating
A food probe
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Name 3 symptoms of food poisoning
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Is bicarbonate of soda an acid or alkali?
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Is lemon juice an acid or alkali?
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Is vinegar an acid or alkali?
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What does UHT stand for?
Ultra Heat Treated
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State 3 functions of calcium
Helps form teeth and bones to keep them strong,helps blood to clot and helps muscles and nerves work properly
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What does AFD stand for?
accelerated freeze drying
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State 3 types of preservatives
Vinegar, alchohol and spices
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What does biodegradable mean?


It decomposes itself

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What is vacuum packaging?


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What does MAP stand for?


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What does MAP mean?


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