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vitamin A
micro nutrient, retinal which helps see in dim light, found in orange, carrot and yellow pepper, fights infections
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vitamin C
micro nutrient, ascorbic acids, scurvy, connective of cells, found in fresh fruits and vegetables
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vitamin D
micro nutrient, sunshine vitamin, it kills and destroys mutated cells and helps the bones
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vitamin B12
micro nutrient, releases energy, whole grain foods-vegetable skin, brown rice, it helps the nervous system, helps red blood cells
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micro nutrient, red blood cells, anaemia, vegans and vegetarians, pregnant women, found in red meat, green leaf vegetable
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Protein-high biological value
macro nutrient, animal protein, essential amino acids, growth and repair
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Protein- low biological value
macro nutrient, coming from plants, found in nuts, seeds, peas, beans, soya, tofu, growth and repair
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carbohydrate- staches
macro nutrient, release energy, slowly-good for you, bread, pasta, rice
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macro nutrient, release energy quickly-bad for you, sweet foods, root vegetables, fruit
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macro nutrient, fatty acids- release energy, insulation, butter hard margarine, lard, animal fat, cheese, diary, causes heart disease
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macro nutrient, fatty acids, release energy, oil, fish oil, nut oil, vegetable oil
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what we cook food for?
make it easier to digest, add flavour, make it look more appetising, make it smell more appealing, make it safer to eat, prevent spoilage, increase keeping qualities
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cooking in water
boiling, simmering, poaching, steaming, pressure cooking, stewing and blancing
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cooking in fat
dry frying, shallow frying, stir-frying, deep-fat frying, braising, flambeing and fondue cookery
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cooking in an oven
baking, roasting, casseroling, grilling and mocrowaving
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water- soluble vitamins
vitamin B and C dissolve in water
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Items offered separately to main dish, e.g. vegetables and sauces
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al dente
Literally means 'to the tooth', i.e. firm to the bite
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au gratin
sprinkled with cheese and breadcrumbs and browned under a grill
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a container of water used to keep foods hot without fear of burning or to cook delicate foods
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'Burned' , e.g. creme brulee or burned cream
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bouquet garni
a bundle of herbs
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a sauce made of fruit or vegetable puree
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cubes of toasted or fried bread
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en croute
'in a pastry case' , e.g. salmon en croute
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a meat dish usually served as a main course
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to cook with flambe by 'burning' away alcohol
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a savoury decoration for food, trimmings served with a main item
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thin, matchstick-sized strips of vegetables
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a richly spiced liquid used to give flavour to and help tenderise meat and fish
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'put in place' preparation before starting to cook
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a smooth mixture made from food passed through a sieve or liquidised in a food processor
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to concentrate a liquid by boiling or simmering
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a mixture of fat and flour used as a basis for a sauce
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to toss in hot fat, e.g. saute potatoes
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vitamin C


micro nutrient, ascorbic acids, scurvy, connective of cells, found in fresh fruits and vegetables

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vitamin D


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vitamin B12


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