Fitness, Health and Diet

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What is health?
The presence or absence of disease
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What is fitness?
The ability to do physical activity
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How can you measure fitness?
Stamina, Speed, Strength, Cardiovascular Efficiency, Flexibility, Agility
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How is heart-disease caused?
-Eating too much saturated fat and salt -Smoking -Having high blood pressure
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What happens every time the heart beats?
The heart contracts. The blood in the artery is pushed at the correct pressure to reach all parts of the body
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What is systolic and diastolic pressure?
Systolic- The pressure in the arteries when the heart contracts. Diastolic is the oppposi
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What can make you have high blood pressure?
-Drinking too much alcohol -Eating too much sat fat and salt -Stress -Being overweight
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What can high blood pressure lead to?
-Heart attack -Kidney damage -Stroke
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How does smoking increase blood pressure?
Carbon monoxide binds with haemoglobin and decreases the r.blood cells from carrying as much O2 as possible
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How does Sat. fat increase blood pressure?
The liver produces cholesterol from sat.fat.This is deposited in the artery walls thus narrowing the artery. The blodd pressure increases because the blood has to be pushed through a narrower gap. The heart beats fast to compensate so becomes straine
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What is a balanced diet?
A diet containing the right amount of different food groups and right amount of energy to keep you healthy
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How is carbohydrate and fat stored?
-Carbohydrate is stored as glycogen in the liver -Fat is stored under the skin and around organs as adipose tissue
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What is EAR and how can it be stored?
EAR is the calculation of how much protein a person should eat each day.- 0.6 X body mass
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How can BMI be measured?
mass/height in m2
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What is fitness?


The ability to do physical activity

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How can you measure fitness?


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How is heart-disease caused?


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What happens every time the heart beats?


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